Students are eligible for application after the completion of high school diploma or equivalent.

The undergraduate will first enroll into the Preparatory Program before the Admission Program which will grant credit exemptions upon entering the Universities we collaborate with.

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Application information (申请资料)

- Passport bio-page

- Application form

- Results from the most recent 2 years

Other Information (其他所需要的资料)

- SAT/ACT scores

- Secondary school reports (including transcripts)

- Mid Year School Report

- A level / IB transcript

- Teacher/Referee evaluations

- Summary of qualifications

- Professional and affiliated associations

- Volunteer experience

- Technological skills

- Languages Competency 

- Awards and Distinctions

- Scholarships

- Write up of hobbies and personal interests

- Military experience (Singaporeans)

English Proficiency Requirements (语文要求)

- IELTS: ≥7.0

- PTEA: ≥68

- TOEFL: ≥100 


*Contact us to enquire more about other accepted qualifications

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