Dominion Enterprises Global was founded in 2013 with a singular purpose - to create a space for all students, leaders and entrepreneurs to grow, learn, create and innovate with each passing day. Through a unique teaching approach and truly passionate staffs, we help develop their academic, potential and leadership to the highest level.

We collaborate with many Ivy League and Well-known Universities that uphold high academia standards such as Harvard University, Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), John Hopkins Medical School, New York University (NYU), Stanford University and many more, to provide guaranteed entry through our Direct Entry programs.


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Leadership Management International (LMI) is the only proctor exam center located in Singapore, providing a safe, conducive and transparent environment for students to study in. In Singapore, students will get a chance to be exposure to many different nationalities culture/languages, and apply for their VISA without a hassle. They would also be exposed to various international businesses and communities given the multi culture society we have in here. Having the school in Singapore would also provide the students with an English speaking environment in which they can adapt for their future American education and values inculcated in the programs The students would be able to pace their studies and learning curve before they enter the Top 20 Ivy League Universities. The laws and regulations here in Singapore are also clear and straightforward, not to mention that the jobs and accommodation are easy to look for here in Singapore. 


Students who enroll through DEG/LMI would be GUARANTEED  an entry to Harvard or the Top 20 Ivy League Universities . Through our foreign language school, students who do not meet the requirements for TOEFL or IELTS or PTEAS , through our school in Singapore,  LMI,  we have the top IVY League lecturers & course materials and methodology along with the opportunity for students to join Harvard classes in real time with other international students. Our offices are in Singapore and China which would allow the students to get in touch with our professional team for any counselling at their convenience. 

50% of students who enter Harvard or IVY League universities directly cannot complete or graduate from the school (*due to various reasons). Therefore, through DEG/LMI we guarantee their entry to the university of their choice and assist them in their VISA application along with the support needed to allow our students to graduate from the Top Ivy League universities and pursue their dreams/passion.

Our vision is to assist every student to enter and graduate from Harvard or the Top 20 IVY League Universities, thereby,  permitting them to achieve their true potential and pursue their passion and dreams.


To bring the most innovative Education, Services, Products & Ecosystem to diverse demographics.


Deliver Creative, Disruptive and Sustainable Solution to individuals and communities who aspire to transcend boundaries.


Andrew Tay founded DEG in 2013. He grew up in Singapore and received his Bachelor of Business and MBA in International Business from a Reputable Australia University.

Over the past 23 years, Andrew have held Executive Positions in Offshore Financial Institutions, Senior Executive roles & also as the President of Nasdaq Listed Companies (Cisco-Linksys, Symbol Technologies and Zebra Technologies).

Under his leadership, the above Nasdaq listed Companies rose to become Market leaders in Asia Pacific.

Andrew have been interviewed by leading media companies such as CNBC, Business Times, The Straits Times, Round Table Forums and numerous renowned media from China, India, Korea and Southeast Asia (SEA).

He has also spoken at many Major conferences/events from Las Vegas, Florida to Asia Pacific (APAC) cities about his thoughts pertaining to Leadership in Strategy, Technology, Transformation, Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A).

His Modus Operandi is to bring out the best in every individual and team to produce sustainable results for the stakeholders.

As an early advocate of returning back to the society, he actively participates and encourages Corporate social responsibility to children, the needy in China, and the Philippines.